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About Us

Career Aid  is an Well experienced Consultancy firm based in Bangladesh with a perspective to support the students desiring to study abroad.

In order to provide opportunities to our students we are giving services include:

**Representing some educational institute around the world from Bangladesh

** Providing Career advice to our students

** Serving students according to their needs with the Best institutions in terms of Subject,Cost, Banking Facility, Scholarship*, Location, Accommodation and so on.

** We help students to participate various Seminars, Exhibitions, Fairs etc on behalf of our partner institutions for getting right and authentic information.

And yes, Of Course! Need Legal Advice! when you preparing legal document , Because you will guided through UK Authorized Legal advisor. Our mission is empowering today’s generation with skills of success for establishing a better career. We are working as a Bridge between students of our country and the best institutes of most of the countries all over the world. Before starting your journey through the help of CA, Please remember that it not an embassy and it does not have any supernatural power to give you any guarantee for VISA. But also be assured that CA team will help you at their best to make your way of destination smooth and easy. Your success always brings the highest satisfaction to each & every member of CA. Undoubtedly, our professional advice may positively change your career.